SCC Residential Design and Construction Awarded Best Of Houzz 2016

Over 35 Million Monthly Unique Users Nominated Best Home Building, Remodeling and Design Professionals in North America and Around the World

SCC Residential Design and Construction has won “Best Of Service" on Houzz®, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. SCC was chosen by the more than 35 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than one million active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals.

The Best Of Houzz is awarded annually in three categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. Design award winners’ work was the most popular among the more than 35 million monthly users on Houzz. Customer Service honors are based on several factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2015. Architecture and interior design photographers whose images were most popular are recognized with the Photography award. A “Best Of Houzz 2016” badge will appear on winners’ profiles, as a sign oftheir commitment to excellence. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz.

“Anyone building, remodeling or decorating looks to Houzz for the most talented and service-oriented professionals” said Liza Hausman, vice president of Industry Marketing for Houzz. “We’re so pleased to recognize SCC Residential Design and Construction, voted one of our “Best Of Houzz” professionals by our enormous community of homeowners and design enthusiasts actively remodeling and decorating their homes.”

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SCC Design Build Featured in Memphis Magazine

A recent project completed by SCC Residential Design & Construction is featured in the July 2015 issue of Memphis Magazine.

In the article, titled "At Home with the Farmers," homeowners Dana and Kent Farmer share details from their Midtown home, particularly highlighting work done by Shari Carter, owner of SCC Residential Design and Construction.

Over the past seven years, the Farmers have undertaken four major projects which include renovations of the kitchen/keeping room, master bathroom, guest bathroom, and pool house. All of this work has been designed and completed by Shari C. Carter, owner of SCC Residential Design and Construction. The Farmers have also recently refurbished their den, dining room, and living room with the interior design expertise of Lesley Samuels Marks. 
This sounds like a lot of work to the layman, but honestly, the Farmers insist that it all went smoothly, thanks to the expert professional help they received. Shari Carter was with us the day that we photographed the home, to provide some details on what these renovations entailed. Dana Farmer told us “every project we’ve done with Shari, we’ve been thrilled with.” Carter admits she is very hands-on, often to be found on her hands and knees measuring to be sure everything fits perfectly; she adds that her style is to “listen” to her clients rather than telling them what it is they need. This particular relationship between contractor and client is an obvious mutual-admiration society, as Carter in turn heaps praise on Dana Farmer’s decorative “intuition and taste.”

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Best of Houzz in Customer Reviews for 2015 Awarded to SCC Residential Design & Construction

Once again, SCC Residential Design & Construction is the recipient of "Best in Customer Reviews" for 2015.We strive to generate quality projects, communicate well with our clients and provide a construction experience that is as painless as possible!

Thanks to all my clients who took time to write about SCC Residential Design & Construction. We appreciate the opportunity to have worked with you!

2014 Kitchen & Bath Home Show

I want to thank all those who stopped by my booth during this past weekend at The Kitchen & Bath Home Show at The Agricenter. This was a truly well attended show and I so enjoyed meeting all of you and answering your questions about your remodeling project, whether a bathroom, kitchen or addition.The attendance was well over 2,000 people for the two days. This is a promising indicator that people are making plans to improve their homes. 90 percent of you had plans to remodel within the year. Consumer confidence seems high and this bodes well for all. I was happy to share my photographs of past projects, my approach to your job, my opinions on your questions and my business philosophies in general. I hope to have the opportunity to help you on your home improvement projects in the near future. Do not hesitate to read through my other blogs for insight on how to hire the right contractor, how to determine how much to put into your home and how to check references. Also, please click on the BBB icon or the houzz icon to link into my presence on those sites. Also, feel free to submit an inquiry form through this web site. I would love to hear from you!

Expand Your Horizons!

A new trend in the renovation world lies outside your home. It is not within the heated and cooled space that typically constitutes the square footage of a home. Nevertheless, it provides an incredible opportunity to expand the "feel" of more living space.What am I talking about? Exterior living space…..this could be as simple as a patio or as complex as a pool house. There are plenty of options in-between, as well. Pergolas, arbors, screen porches and open-air porches are some stellar examples of outdoor living space. Patios with outdoor fireplaces or fire pits and grilling stations are also becoming very popular. The reasons for this trend are numerous. Almost always, these types of exterior structures cost less than interior renovations, for obvious reasons. Secondly, there are numerous approaches to capturing your outdoor space and you can choose the one that fits your budget. Finally, it is healthy to be outside and the more we can be outside, enjoying nature, the better off we are.

Many people might argue that Memphis is not a good site for developing exterior space because of the mosquitoes and the heat. I built a beautiful screen porch a couple of years ago and it has been such a good investment. I have fans, a cross breeze, translucent screens that bring in the beautiful greenery and sunlight and provides me with a calm retreat for 80 percent of the year.

So, it might be time to look around outside your home and see what space you might convert to a beautiful outdoor retreat! And call me…I'll be happy to build it!

SCC Residential Design & Construction Receives Best of Houzz 2014 Award

We have been awarded "Best of Houzz" by Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. SCC Residential Design & Construction was chosen by more that 16 million monthly users that comprise the Houzz community for this honor.The Best of Houzz award is given in two categories: Customer Satisfaction and Design. Customer Satisfaction honors are determined by a variety of factors, including the number and quality of client reviews we received in 2013. SCC Residential Design & Construction has been awarded the "Best of Houzz" in Customer Satisfaction for 2014. We do try very hard to live up to our mission statement which is …"to offer a design/build opportunity to homeowners with quality work, attention to detail, communication and timeliness that shows a superior level of concern for the clients and their homes." We work to develop the best design to seamlessly blend in with your home and then we execute on that design in a consistent, timely and professional manner. We are thrilled to be a part of the Houzz community and to be honored in this way. "Houzz provides homeowners with the most comprehensive view of home building, remodeling and design professionals, empowering them to find and hire the right professional to execute their vision," said Liza Hausman, vice-president of community for Houzz. "We're delighted to recognize SCC Residential Design & Construction among our "Best of" professionals for customer satisfaction as judged by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts who are actively remodeling and decorating their homes." A "Best of Houzz Badge 2014" will be displayed on my Houzz profile. Click on the Houzz icon to link to my profile on Houzz. See for yourself the customer reviews and the projects that are displayed on my Houzz profile. With Houzz, homeowners can identify not only the top-rated professionals like SCC Residential Design & Construction, but also those whose work matches their own aspirations for their home. Homeowners can also evaluate professionals to contact them directly on the Houzz platform.

Remodeling Resolutions-New Year, New Projects!!

Have you made any New Year remodeling resolutions? If you are wondering if now is a good time to consider remodeling or renovating your home, consider the following data from homes sold in the Southern Region saw its strongest year in 2013

Existing home prices have seen an increase between 7.2% to 10% in 2013

Fixed rate interest rates on a 30 year mortgage have risen from 3.44% to 4.64% over the last year.

So, what does this mean in terms of whether you should remodel or tackle an addition project? This data is telling us that it is a good time to proceed with remodeling your home. Interest rates will continue to rise, so now is a good time to take advantage of lower rates. The fact that homes are selling and home prices are rising mean that your home is once again a good investment. Additionally, there has been an increase in the market for second homes. This indicator reveals a stabilization in primary homes which is again supported by the data from nahb. So, with so many positives at hand, the next question becomes how extensive should your remodeling project be?

I would base this on the amount of time that you think you will stay in your home. If you plan on selling within a year or two, I would stick to basics, like repairs, curb appeal projects, re-painting and freshening up. If, however, you plan on being in your home over five years, you can confidently tackle more extensive renovations. Time will afford you the enjoyment of your new space as well as increase your selling price when you decide to move. So, go for that new kitchen or bathroom remodel or the addition you have dreamed of!

Lastly, and reassuringly, the 2013 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling Magazine has compiled the following data: kitchen renovations re-coup 69% of the cost and bathroom remodels re-coup 58% of the cost at resale.

These are promising statistics for homeowners!

Happy New Year!!

October Memphis Magazine-Women;s Issue

I was privileged to be asked to be in the October Memphis Magazine Women's issue which just came out. i am in the Women Empowered section which features twenty plus women who either own or are part of a company important to the Memphis area. There are women proprietors of travel agencies, marketing consultant groups. boutiques, roofing and heating and air conditioning companies. There is also a female owner of a duck hunters' lodge and owners of a cookie company! How nice to be included in this group! We all work hard I am sure to follow our dreams of business ownership and believe me, it is tough nowadays!I am the only female general contractor featured and I do feel empowered by being a female in a male dominated industry. I want to be quick to add that I have the most talented and hardworking group of dedicated folks who constantly allow me to do what I do. They represent my company so well. I bring to the table many other talents and skills that make me successful, but they deserve huge amounts of credit. So, let me share what the magazine says as the introduction to this special section and I quote: "Women are empowered through their work, creativity, their dedication and their ability to transform our community. On the pages that follow (in the magazine) you will find images and profiles of women who are making an impact in the greater Memphis area. We salute these incredible women for their many contributions and achievements." Pick up your copy to read more about us!

Reflections on 9/11

I posted this last year and wanted to re-post it on this day that will forever be an important day in our lives: Well, I know this has very little to do with construction, but I wanted to write about my thoughts anyway. As I woke up this morning and reflected on "where I was" thirteen years ago, I remember that my girls were already at school and I was getting ready for my work day. My carpenter called and told me to turn the TV on. I went into the living room and watched in disbelief and horror as the events unfolded. As everybody else in the country felt, I was scared and confused and horrified all at once. I wanted to get my kids, I wanted to make sure an elderly client who lived around the corner from me was okay as she too would be watching these terrible events unfold. Somehow, we numbly got through the day. We learned of the unbelievable heroics of so many. We felt for all those who rushed to help, who chose to jump from the towers, who were on their phones, saying goodbye to their loved ones.....I feel for those left behind and the struggles they have faced through these twelve years.

I lost a contract that was supposed to move forward until this happened. People were not just going to proceed with the "old" normal. The loss of that contract, although financially rough, was NOTHING compared to the losses others experienced!

As I currently am blessed to own a thriving company, live in a free country, express my views as I wish, I simply am so grateful for the indomitable American Spirit. I wish to express a heartfelt thank you to all the service members who have fought and sacrificed to make my life "normal". I want to thank all those brave souls, alive still and past, who represented the most incredible bravery in the face of such evil intentions.

God Bless America!

2013 VESTA Kitchen, Bath & Remodeling Show, Memphis, TN

Calling all homeowners who are thinking about a Kitchen, Bathroom or other remodeling project for their home!! This is the show for you! You will find a variety of exhibitors in the remodeling and construction industry ALL UNDER ONE ROOF! Come browse around and speak to the professionals who deal with this industry every day. You will find window suppliers, granite suppliers, roofing experts and even a tree farm booth! See the latest products in plumbing supplies, the latest trends in tile and look at thousands of pictures of projects.If you are not sure if remodeling is right for you, come anyway. Data has continued to support that renovating kitchens and bathrooms have a strong return on your investment. Rather than move, REMODEL! Please be sure to stop by my booth which is in spaces 115 and 116. My booth will have lots of before and after photos. It will have an idea table that you can see the infinite possibilities and choices that make up a project. My booth will emphasize the custom or unique approach that can be developed to make your remodeling project your own. Although there are other booths that will sell stock cabinets or semi-custom cabinets with a set number of colors and stains and styles to choose from, my booth is all about the creative IDEAS that will result in your project fitting your needs. I deal in custom cabinets designed for you in any color or stain. We are truly limited only by our imagination and budget. How fun is that? The VESTA Kitchen, Bath & Remodeling Show is on Saturday, September 14 and Sunday, September 15, 2013. It will be at The Agricenter International on Walnut Grove. Hours are: Saturday: 9 am-7 pm and Sunday: 9 am-5 pm. Admission:$5.00 (children under 6 free)


The Right Questions to ask References About the Contractor

Whether you are considering a kitchen remodel or an addition construction project, you should have a list of references offered to you by the contractor you are considering hiring. Frequently, the questions you ask this reference will be along these lines: "How did the project go?", "How was she to work with?", "How long did it take?". These, in my opinion, are open-ended questions. Although, they are pertinent, I recommend also making sure that you ask some more pointed questions.Examples: "Did the project start and finish within the timeframe promised by the contractor?" "In what way did the contractor communicate with you over the course of the construction project?" "Did the contractor do what they said they were going to do?" "How considerate were the crew and the contractor about working inside your home?" "Did the contractor have good problem-solving skills?" "Did any issues arise and how did the contractor resolve them?" "Did the contractor maintain a consistent presence on your project?" "Did the contractor pull a permit and notify you of the inspection results?" "Would you have this same contractor back for any future remodeling projects in your home?" "Would your recommend this contractor?"

These types of questions will allow you to discern factors that are important to you as you move into any remodeling or renovation project. They are questions that cannot be cloaked in vague, general answers. Although calling people you do not know for references can be somewhat awkward, please take this important step in vetting the contractor in question. I personally love to give a reference list to any future clients. I am very proud of the hard work that goes into my construction projects and feel passionately that homeowners must take the time to inquire about the person they might end up hiring. Hope you find that this helps!

Renovating and Remodeling to Update Our Past

Unless we are buying a recently built home, we will encounter some pretty common features that were prevalent in homes of the 1950's, 1960's and even the 1970's. Let's look at the styles and features of homes past and see if remodeling them to bring them into the present to suit the lifestyles of the twenty-first century is possible.First, in the eras mentioned before (the 50's, 60's and 70's), kitchens were separated from the living areas. A number of reasons account for this: the separation kept cooking smells from wafting into the living space, washing machines were commonly found in kitchens and the noise of these appliances were contained, and kitchens were not about being pretty, but really, purely for function. Therefore, there was absolutely no reason to display them. Another space neglected in the past would be the master bathroom. How typical to find a master bathroom in older homes with one sink, a small shower and a toilet. That is it! Why? My theory is in that time frame, families operated on a single-income source and the head of the household needed the bathroom space at different times than the stay-at-home spouse. One spouse would and could accommodate the other. Finally, there are the excessively large living rooms with a very formal feel. This was perhaps a more genteel time in our history and these large, formal spaces were needed for ladies gathering for tea or other types of parties. Rooms were separate and distinct. So, can homes like these with spaces defined by past function and styles of living be remodeled to update our past and reflect our future? My experience says "Yes!". I have remodeled many a kitchen to open it up to the living space because people want entertaining to be inclusive and not exclusive. Cooking smells and noise are really no longer issues due to fantastic new vent-a-hoods, quiet dishwashers and the creation of mudrooms for the washers and dryers. The casual approach to life supports this open concept type living and has reduced the need for the formal living room. Who has time to dust and keep clean an unused room in your home? Many times these formal rooms have been renovated to create a more open concept layout. Last, but not least, the master bathroom has evolved as families tend to move to a two income model. This calls for bathrooms that are larger, have two sinks, a shower and a tub (if not a soaking tub). The "spa" style master bathroom is also a result of the faster pace of work, running children to activities and our more hectic life style. The master bathroom is now perceived as a "retreat". I have designed larger master bathrooms by clever space planning or by building an addition to gain the necessary space. The lesson is to not be afraid of these older homes and to realize that they can be remodeled to adapt to our current needs and lifestyles!

Budgeting for Your Remodeling Project

What do you get when you cross a viable budget with a competent design-build contractor?? Wow! You get a beautiful renovation! Many people do not know how to arrive at a viable budget for their remodeling project and truly it can be a little like the question of "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?". Maybe I can shed some light on how to determine a budget for your home construction project.First, do research. This can be in the form of searching the internet for ballparks for the type of project you are considering. There are a multitude of sites that give ballpark information per type of home remodeling project, whether it is a bathroom, addition, kitchen or attic conversion. These sites even estimate their averages based on regions! So, the internet is a good place to start. Secondly, talk to friends or neighbors. Perhaps they will share with you some of the broad financial information for the type of work they have had done to their homes. Thirdly,consult with a real estate agent. Many of these professionals know enough about home projects to not only shed some light on how much projects run, but also would know the added value that the home project would bring to your home. Finally, consult with a contractor. I have found that I can give ballpark cost information on any project, provided the homeowner is able to give me a sense of size and the level of the quality of materials they wish to use. I always stress that I can only give ballparks and would need more detail to provide exact quotes. Commonly, at this stage, a ballpark is sufficient to satisfy this first step in the budgetary process. So, now you have armed yourself with some budgetary guidelines. But what is next? I personally think it is wise to go a step further. Now is the time to turn inward to examine some critical personal information. First, this would consist of looking at your home in relation to other homes in your neighborhood. What is the pricing of recent home sales in your neighborhood? How do these homes compare to yours? This analysis gives perspective on whether you can count on a return on your investment in a home improvement project. Secondly, I think it is wise to think about how long you plan on staying in your home. Determining this component allows you to see the wisdom of pursuing a large project. Finally, ask yourself "What meets your family's needs?" If regardless of all these analytical steps, you simply need additional space or better flow or function, then there is the intrinsic, emotional value that must weigh in. I hope this helps in your quest to determine if a home remodeling project is right for you!

A Day in the Life of a Contractor

Yesterday was a long day as a general contractor. I was up extra early to wait on an inspector on a bathroom remodeling project, then on to my other projects, then typed a new contract and then on to a late night meeting to field measure for a frameless shower system with a client! Oh, and all in 100 degree heat index weather! What made it all worthwhile was a GLOWING review submitted to my site by a recent client whose kitchen I had recently gutted and renovated. Please visit my site for a complete listing of all my reviews!

Construction/Remodeling Tip-"What is a Temporary Wall?"

Construction/Remodeling Tip- "What is a Temporary Wall?"Have you ever walked into your remodeling project and there are walls up in strange locations and you think your contractor has lost her mind? No worries!! You are most likely looking at a "temporary wall". So, what is that? it is a wall constructed to hold up the ends of your ceiling joists as they "break" (stop) over an existing wall that is being removed. These walls are constructed temporarily to ensure the house does not fall in while the main wall is being removed and the new beam is being installed. This new beam will be properly sized to carry the load that was on the old wall. You will now have a properly installed beam, an open space and the temporary wall(s) can be safely removed! Now, you can walk into your construction project and know that your project is running smoothly and you can impress your contractor by saying "Oh, I see that you have built a temporary wall!" Score for the homeowner!!

How to Select a Contractor - The Right One

How to select a contractor: Whether you’re remodeling a bathroom or adding onto your home, it is important to choose an honest, reliable contractor. How do you know how to select the right contractor?

Here are some things to consider:

1. Check with the Better Business Bureau for the contractor’s rating. The lowest rating a business can receive is an “F”, and the highest rating is an “A+”. Select a contractor with a high rating for best results.

2. Check to see if the contractor has a General Contractor’s license. This license is required by law, but there are contractors who build without it. You can use this website to look up any contractor in Tennessee.

3. Check to see if the contractor has a business license. This license is also required by law, but, again, some contractors operate without it.

4. Check references. Reputable contractors are happy to provide customer feedback to potential clients.

Now that you know how to select the right contractor, here are four reasons I am the right contractor for you:

1. My Better Business Bureau rating is an A+.

2. My General Contractor’s License is current. (License #00049268)

3. My business license is current.

4. I have great customer reviews, and additional references are available upon request.

I look forward to working with you!