SCC Design Build Featured in Memphis Magazine

A recent project completed by SCC Residential Design & Construction is featured in the July 2015 issue of Memphis Magazine.

In the article, titled "At Home with the Farmers," homeowners Dana and Kent Farmer share details from their Midtown home, particularly highlighting work done by Shari Carter, owner of SCC Residential Design and Construction.

Over the past seven years, the Farmers have undertaken four major projects which include renovations of the kitchen/keeping room, master bathroom, guest bathroom, and pool house. All of this work has been designed and completed by Shari C. Carter, owner of SCC Residential Design and Construction. The Farmers have also recently refurbished their den, dining room, and living room with the interior design expertise of Lesley Samuels Marks. 
This sounds like a lot of work to the layman, but honestly, the Farmers insist that it all went smoothly, thanks to the expert professional help they received. Shari Carter was with us the day that we photographed the home, to provide some details on what these renovations entailed. Dana Farmer told us “every project we’ve done with Shari, we’ve been thrilled with.” Carter admits she is very hands-on, often to be found on her hands and knees measuring to be sure everything fits perfectly; she adds that her style is to “listen” to her clients rather than telling them what it is they need. This particular relationship between contractor and client is an obvious mutual-admiration society, as Carter in turn heaps praise on Dana Farmer’s decorative “intuition and taste.”

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