October Memphis Magazine-Women;s Issue

I was privileged to be asked to be in the October Memphis Magazine Women's issue which just came out. i am in the Women Empowered section which features twenty plus women who either own or are part of a company important to the Memphis area. There are women proprietors of travel agencies, marketing consultant groups. boutiques, roofing and heating and air conditioning companies. There is also a female owner of a duck hunters' lodge and owners of a cookie company! How nice to be included in this group! We all work hard I am sure to follow our dreams of business ownership and believe me, it is tough nowadays!I am the only female general contractor featured and I do feel empowered by being a female in a male dominated industry. I want to be quick to add that I have the most talented and hardworking group of dedicated folks who constantly allow me to do what I do. They represent my company so well. I bring to the table many other talents and skills that make me successful, but they deserve huge amounts of credit. So, let me share what the magazine says as the introduction to this special section and I quote: "Women are empowered through their work, creativity, their dedication and their ability to transform our community. On the pages that follow (in the magazine) you will find images and profiles of women who are making an impact in the greater Memphis area. We salute these incredible women for their many contributions and achievements." Pick up your copy to read more about us!