Expand Your Horizons!

A new trend in the renovation world lies outside your home. It is not within the heated and cooled space that typically constitutes the square footage of a home. Nevertheless, it provides an incredible opportunity to expand the "feel" of more living space.What am I talking about? Exterior living space…..this could be as simple as a patio or as complex as a pool house. There are plenty of options in-between, as well. Pergolas, arbors, screen porches and open-air porches are some stellar examples of outdoor living space. Patios with outdoor fireplaces or fire pits and grilling stations are also becoming very popular. The reasons for this trend are numerous. Almost always, these types of exterior structures cost less than interior renovations, for obvious reasons. Secondly, there are numerous approaches to capturing your outdoor space and you can choose the one that fits your budget. Finally, it is healthy to be outside and the more we can be outside, enjoying nature, the better off we are.

Many people might argue that Memphis is not a good site for developing exterior space because of the mosquitoes and the heat. I built a beautiful screen porch a couple of years ago and it has been such a good investment. I have fans, a cross breeze, translucent screens that bring in the beautiful greenery and sunlight and provides me with a calm retreat for 80 percent of the year.

So, it might be time to look around outside your home and see what space you might convert to a beautiful outdoor retreat! And call me…I'll be happy to build it!