Construction/Remodeling Tip-"What is a Temporary Wall?"

Construction/Remodeling Tip- "What is a Temporary Wall?"Have you ever walked into your remodeling project and there are walls up in strange locations and you think your contractor has lost her mind? No worries!! You are most likely looking at a "temporary wall". So, what is that? it is a wall constructed to hold up the ends of your ceiling joists as they "break" (stop) over an existing wall that is being removed. These walls are constructed temporarily to ensure the house does not fall in while the main wall is being removed and the new beam is being installed. This new beam will be properly sized to carry the load that was on the old wall. You will now have a properly installed beam, an open space and the temporary wall(s) can be safely removed! Now, you can walk into your construction project and know that your project is running smoothly and you can impress your contractor by saying "Oh, I see that you have built a temporary wall!" Score for the homeowner!!