The Right Questions to ask References About the Contractor

Whether you are considering a kitchen remodel or an addition construction project, you should have a list of references offered to you by the contractor you are considering hiring. Frequently, the questions you ask this reference will be along these lines: "How did the project go?", "How was she to work with?", "How long did it take?". These, in my opinion, are open-ended questions. Although, they are pertinent, I recommend also making sure that you ask some more pointed questions.Examples: "Did the project start and finish within the timeframe promised by the contractor?" "In what way did the contractor communicate with you over the course of the construction project?" "Did the contractor do what they said they were going to do?" "How considerate were the crew and the contractor about working inside your home?" "Did the contractor have good problem-solving skills?" "Did any issues arise and how did the contractor resolve them?" "Did the contractor maintain a consistent presence on your project?" "Did the contractor pull a permit and notify you of the inspection results?" "Would you have this same contractor back for any future remodeling projects in your home?" "Would your recommend this contractor?"

These types of questions will allow you to discern factors that are important to you as you move into any remodeling or renovation project. They are questions that cannot be cloaked in vague, general answers. Although calling people you do not know for references can be somewhat awkward, please take this important step in vetting the contractor in question. I personally love to give a reference list to any future clients. I am very proud of the hard work that goes into my construction projects and feel passionately that homeowners must take the time to inquire about the person they might end up hiring. Hope you find that this helps!